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What does Nimerexhealth do?

Nimerex is a platform that allows Nigerians manage their Health. Our Platform connects Patients to Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Diagnostic centers and Pharmacies in Africa

Explain further please?

We have created a platform that connects Nigerians to doctors, hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic centers, specialits, blood-bank and pharmacies.

How can I join the platform?

Go to the login page, click on sign-up and enjoy!

The system keeps telling me to update my account. What should I do?

Please fill the form as directed.

I have a Nimerex account, but my healthcare provider doesn't?

Inform your healthcare provider about Nimerex and have them use our referral system. They'll thank you later.

I don't have a smart phone, but i want to enjoy the services you provide.

Kindly talk to your healthcare provider about the best approach for you.

How do I pay for my Tests or Prescriptions?

Sign in to your nimerex account, click healthcare, click checkup request or prescription, find the PAY button. Pay with ATM card, QR Code or Bank account

Can I get the paper copy of my report?

Yes! Ask for one, when you get to the LAB or Diagnostic center. This would be in addition to the electronic copy you and your healthcare provider get

What is this wallet I see here?

Wallet allows you store Nimerex value via purchase, rewards or transfer from other Nimerex users.

How can I setup and use my Wallet?

Click "Activate wallet", choose your four digit PIN and click on Activate. Once your wallet is active, you can now top-up your wallet, transfer/receive wallet value, pay for any service with your wallet and many more.

HOSPITALS: Do we need an EMR platform?

Yes, the importance electronic communication cannot be overemphasized, it allows your hospital operates as a 21st century facility, properly store, find and manage patient record efficiently, also it’s unifies and simplify the work of hospital management.

How does it work, hope its user friendly?

Yes, the system is very easy to use with swift and fast response during usage.

Hope it doesn’t consume data?

No, Nimerex EMR is a web application and doesn’t need so much data.

Is patient data secured and privacy guaranteed?

Yes, because we started as a money remittance company in the USA our security has been perfected over the years, every data inputted into the system is encrypted and the system is backed up daily.

What do we need as a hospital to transition successfully into EMR?

Nimerex EMR can work on any mobile device, laptop, desktop or Tablet. It doesn’t need any special kind of system.

I’m interested what do I need to do?

Schedule a demo by either sending a mail to or call/text 09087776660 to speak to a Nimerex representative.

Hope it doesn’t cost a fortune to operate an EMR?

No, our EMR is very cost effective with various payment packages to suit every hospital type.

Can it be used on a mobile phone?

Yes, the Nimerex APP can also be downloaded on AppStore or Play store

Do we get a Support when we use the Nimerex EMR?

Yes, a representative is appointed for each hospital to render technical support, train and ensure smooth transition.